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Please feel free to discuss any women's health (and health rights) issues here. Feel free to discuss among yourselves (and us, heyyyy) , but please be advised medical advise is not "allowed" and must be suggestions and considered by the reader as a possible alternative which they should consult a doctor ( old world or new) to make sure it is safe for you as some home remedies may interfere with certain health conditions or may cause unwanted effects if not used correctly.


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  • Susan on

    Let’s talk about herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy❤️

    Good ol penny royal tea will destroy your liver, please don’t drink it. However it’s also important to know that a strongly infused oil should not be rubbed on the pelvic area as it may, with repeated use, cause loss of pregnancy

    Cotton root bark, this one should never be drunk as a tea, it has a long history of being problematic during early pregnancy. It also has a capacity to thin blood so women who accidentally ingest this will need to counter this with something like shepherds purse or vit K

    Black cohosh, blue cohosh, & angelic root should absolutely never be taken during pregnancy especially alongside one another. These three have the capacity to disrupt hormone development & will typically cause bleeding to begin in just a handful of days in very early pregnancy

    Queen Anne’s lace should be avoided by anyone who’s attempting to conceive, she has a tendency to make the uterine wall slippery & prevents the precious egg from implanting. It’s also important to know that during pregnancy if the egg can’t implant the pregnancy won’t continue

    Mugwort should also be avoided as small amounts consumed in early stage pregnancy may cause uterine contractions, it’s also worth noting that infused body oils may have the same effect albeit a bit safer for the liver

    Rue, while not a commonly used herb, is showing up more in tea blends. This one can also be really problematic during pregnancy so much so that women for thousands of years have known to avoid it during pregnancy

    Parsley, while safe in food level amounts, should be avoided in large quantities such as broths as it may cause spontaneous loss of pregnancy. Especially if the person happens to be taking larger doses of vitamin C which can also endanger an early pregnancy

    These are just a handful of herbs that may disrupt hormones, cause uterine contractions, & that should be avoided by anyone wanting to keep a pregnancy viable

    Keep learning about these & other herbs you may have access to that cause these situations

    I mean how else will we avoid accidental miscarriages?

    You’re smart enough to do this too😉

  • JASMIN on

    We need to build a network to help black women het access to abortions in the states that still allow it.

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